The Swann Warehouse Story

At nearly one hundred years old, the Swann Warehouse has led a busy life. Built in the mid 1920’s, soon after the Black Patch Wars and World War I, The building could house thousands of pounds of cured tobacco in large barrels called hogsheads. These hogsheads would be filled with leaf tobacco bought from farmers around the county, pressed tightly and sealed to be shipped via rail across the country and to cargo ship for voyage around the world.

After the days of the large tobacco warehouse ended, the Swann Warehouse took on new roles. Inside this building, generations of workers worked at sewing machines and cutting tables making garments of all types and sizes.

When the garment work left the building, it was used as storage for many businesses. As it aged, time began to take its toll. Soon, the patched old roof began to leak and the building was close to destruction.

This building has come a long way.

A new roof and work to every part and parcel of this beautiful building will restore this piece of the Murray skyline to the most unique place to live and work in Western Kentucky.

So look around. Follow the journey of bringing this building back.

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